Monday, 17 August 2015

Expert advisor for MT4 (forex) That will surely make money for You !

 After a long time of Analyzing Forex Market , I have made an EA (ROBOT) that will Give you profit in every case, I am not saying that It Doesn't Lose But the Profits are always greater .

Features Of Robot:

This Expert can trade all Time in Forex market , Or at any time specified By you .
This Expert also has feature of Opening with different settings and closing with Different settings for Better Trade Management.
You can tell the Expert when to take profit On basis of % equity profit , $ profit.
You can also SET stop loss based on % equity or $ loss.
It has The feature to work with both 5 Digits and 4 digits broker.
You can USE FIFO Rules .
You can Use GRID Settings for trading.

So , If this robot is so much Powerful Why am I selling it?

  First , I don't Have money to Invest in Forex , I am a Student .
  Second , It requires More than 500 $ for trading on Mini account , It is because of Free margin                         required.
  And at last , I am selling this robot to make sure no one gets this EA and Claim it as His.

What is the Proof ?

That is the Part where Fun Begins.

These results displayed Below are from INSTAFOREX with 3 Pip spread and they are good , If the spread was 1.5 Pips the Profits would have been more , With Less loss.
 Here is The Back Test result of 6 Months , Trading at just 2 Hours every day.

Best forex EA free

AS You can see , The trading started at 300 $ and The final Balance was 471.53 $ By Just trading 2 Hours Daily , On GBPUSD.
Modeling Quality is less because it Trades on Completion of Bars.

Lets see If this EA is run at all time with 5000$ Then what is the result....

Best forex expert advisor FREE

The test is FOR 5 Months.
Do You Believe it ? It is possible .
Caution: Use all time trading on Large accounts Only.

Lets Come to the Point:
How much For this robot?
This robot will cost You 300 $ (NOW 200$)  for trading All time+specific time.
If you want to trade Just at specific Time Then This robot will cost you 200$ (NOW 150$).
Check The Special Offer Here exclusive for Customers!
You Can get your 150$ in your trading account That you paid to get the robot!
This Means Its free for You if you deposit 150$ in account!

I will give you My indicator with this robot For FREE .
And all the Other settings of Both these Robots will be same (All features).
The SET files will come with this Robot (Expert advisor EA).

If you are interested  Add me on skype :
Name: forex urdu guide

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