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Basic Candle stick patterns

Spinning Tops :

Spinning top Candle pattern

Candle stick with a Long upper shadow , And long Lower shadow is Called Spinning Tops .
This Pattern Indicates Indecision Between Buyers and Sellers.


When Candle has no upper and lower bodies Then this type of Candle is called Marubozu .
A white Marubozu Contains A long white body(For buyers) with no shadow . The Open price equals low price and high price equals Closing Price.
This type of Pattern is Bullish(Buyers) reversal pattern.

Marubozu candle pattern formation

A Black marubozu Is a Black body(for sellers) with no shadow. The open price equals High price and low price equals Clossing price.
This type of pattern is Bearish(seller) Reversal pattern.


Doji candle have same Open And Close Price . This pattern shows Indecision in The market. This is much like a Draw.

Doji formaton in chart

Whenever a Doji forms on your chart , Pay special attention to the preceding Candle sticks.
Doji pattern in bullish chart

Whenever this type of situation occurs in a Buyers Market (Bullish) Then it may be a sign of reversal.

Doji pattern in bearish chart

Also The same is result in Bearish Markets, When this happens in Bearish market It may be a strong sign of reversal.

In Short , Candlestick patterns Are essential when Trading , They provide an inner view of the market depth.

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Hammer and Hanging Man :

They have small bodies , Always having long lower shadows.
And short upper shadows.

Hammer and hanging man pattern formation

Hammer and hanging man pattern formation in chart

A Hammer is Bullish reversal pattern That forms during a downtrend.
Just because you see a Hammer is not essential for a Buy order , Wait for more Bullish patterns to show up.

Recognition criteria:

  • The long shadow is about two or three times the real Body.
  • Little or no upper shadow.
  • real body is at upper end of the Candle.
  • The color of real body is not important.
The Hanging man is  Bearish Reversal pattern. It appers in Uptrend.
The pattern indicates that there are no more buyers left to push the price.

Recognition criteria:

  • A long lower shadow which is about two or three tines the real body.
  • Little or no upper shadow.
  • Real body is at upper end of Candle.
  • the color of real body is not important.

Inverted Hammer and Shooting star:

These patterns are much like hamer and hanging man , The only difference is that they form a long Upper body instead of Long lower bodies.
They also usually form on the end of an uptrend or downtrend.
Inverted Hammer and shooting start pattern formation

Inverted Hammer and shooting start pattern formation in charts

The Inverted hammer occurs when price has been fallen , It suggest the end of a down trend momentum.
This pattern has alwas a Long upper body and This is a Sign of Reversal.

The Shooting star Is bearish reversal pattern.It occurs when price has been rising. It indicates a shift of momentum .
But before putting an order Confirm your pattern By More Bullish patterns .

These patterns were single candle patterns, You also need to confirm the trend By double candlestick patterns.

Dual Candle stick Patterns :

Engulfing Candles :

Bullish and Bearish engulfing Pattern

A Bullish Engulfing pattern is a Two candle stick patern that signals a Strong Up move coming. It happens when a Bearish Candle is supported by a Strong Bullish candle.
This is a Bullish reversal pattern.
A Bearish Engulfing Pattern Is opposite of Bullish engulfing Pattern. It suggests a Strong Down trend Coming , This happens when a Bullish candle is followed By a Strong Bearish Candle.
This is a Bearish reversal pattern.

Tweezer Bottoms and Tops :

The tweezers are Double candle patterns. These are reversal patterns.
It looks some thing like this.

Tweezer bottoms and Tweezer tops pattern

Tweezers Have following Characteristics.
  • The first candle is same as overall Trend.
  • The second candle is opposite to overall Trend.
  • The shadow of candles should be of equal length.Tweezer Tops should have same highs and tweezer bottoms should have same low.

Triple Candle stick Patterns :

Evening and morning Star Pattern :

Morning star and evening star pattern formation


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