Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance in URDU and English :

Support and resistance is one of the most widely used concepts in trading. Strangely enough, everyone seems to have their own idea on how you should measure support and resistance.
Let's take a look at the basics first.
Support and resistance in urdu

How to draw support and resistance in chart
Support and resistance in chart

Trend Lines :

Trend lines are probably the most common form of technical analysis. They are probably one of the most underutilized ones as well.
They are very easy to Draw and Very easy to trade .
Through This method You can make easy money without any Indicator , But definitely Harmonic Patterns Are Far more Important also The Fibbonaci.

How do You draw Trend Lines?

To draw trend lines properly, all you have to do is locate two major tops or bottoms and connect them.
How to draw trend lines in Chart

As you Can see , Its so easy to draw , Also Many trading methods can be used Like , Range bound Trading and Breakout trading etc.

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