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Saturday, 21 September 2013

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Basic Candle stick patterns

Spinning Tops :

Spinning top Candle pattern

Candle stick with a Long upper shadow , And long Lower shadow is Called Spinning Tops .
This Pattern Indicates Indecision Between Buyers and Sellers.


When Candle has no upper and lower bodies Then this type of Candle is called Marubozu .
A white Marubozu Contains A long white body(For buyers) with no shadow . The Open price equals low price and high price equals Closing Price.
This type of Pattern is Bullish(Buyers) reversal pattern.

Marubozu candle pattern formation

A Black marubozu Is a Black body(for sellers) with no shadow. The open price equals High price and low price equals Clossing price.
This type of pattern is Bearish(seller) Reversal pattern.


Doji candle have same Open And Close Price . This pattern shows Indecision in The market. This is much like a Draw.

Doji formaton in chart

Whenever a Doji forms on your chart , Pay special attention to the preceding Candle sticks.
Doji pattern in bullish chart

Whenever this type of situation occurs in a Buyers Market (Bullish) Then it may be a sign of reversal.

Doji pattern in bearish chart

Also The same is result in Bearish Markets, When this happens in Bearish market It may be a strong sign of reversal.

In Short , Candlestick patterns Are essential when Trading , They provide an inner view of the market depth.

Download the Indicator for pattern recognition mt4 indicators and templates for trading .

Hammer and Hanging Man :

They have small bodies , Always having long lower shadows.
And short upper shadows.

Hammer and hanging man pattern formation

Hammer and hanging man pattern formation in chart

A Hammer is Bullish reversal pattern That forms during a downtrend.
Just because you see a Hammer is not essential for a Buy order , Wait for more Bullish patterns to show up.

Recognition criteria:

  • The long shadow is about two or three times the real Body.
  • Little or no upper shadow.
  • real body is at upper end of the Candle.
  • The color of real body is not important.
The Hanging man is  Bearish Reversal pattern. It appers in Uptrend.
The pattern indicates that there are no more buyers left to push the price.

Recognition criteria:

  • A long lower shadow which is about two or three tines the real body.
  • Little or no upper shadow.
  • Real body is at upper end of Candle.
  • the color of real body is not important.

Inverted Hammer and Shooting star:

These patterns are much like hamer and hanging man , The only difference is that they form a long Upper body instead of Long lower bodies.
They also usually form on the end of an uptrend or downtrend.
Inverted Hammer and shooting start pattern formation

Inverted Hammer and shooting start pattern formation in charts

The Inverted hammer occurs when price has been fallen , It suggest the end of a down trend momentum.
This pattern has alwas a Long upper body and This is a Sign of Reversal.

The Shooting star Is bearish reversal pattern.It occurs when price has been rising. It indicates a shift of momentum .
But before putting an order Confirm your pattern By More Bullish patterns .

These patterns were single candle patterns, You also need to confirm the trend By double candlestick patterns.

Dual Candle stick Patterns :

Engulfing Candles :

Bullish and Bearish engulfing Pattern

A Bullish Engulfing pattern is a Two candle stick patern that signals a Strong Up move coming. It happens when a Bearish Candle is supported by a Strong Bullish candle.
This is a Bullish reversal pattern.
A Bearish Engulfing Pattern Is opposite of Bullish engulfing Pattern. It suggests a Strong Down trend Coming , This happens when a Bullish candle is followed By a Strong Bearish Candle.
This is a Bearish reversal pattern.

Tweezer Bottoms and Tops :

The tweezers are Double candle patterns. These are reversal patterns.
It looks some thing like this.

Tweezer bottoms and Tweezer tops pattern

Tweezers Have following Characteristics.
  • The first candle is same as overall Trend.
  • The second candle is opposite to overall Trend.
  • The shadow of candles should be of equal length.Tweezer Tops should have same highs and tweezer bottoms should have same low.

Triple Candle stick Patterns :

Evening and morning Star Pattern :

Morning star and evening star pattern formation


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance in URDU and English :

Support and resistance is one of the most widely used concepts in trading. Strangely enough, everyone seems to have their own idea on how you should measure support and resistance.
Let's take a look at the basics first.
Support and resistance in urdu

How to draw support and resistance in chart
Support and resistance in chart

Trend Lines :

Trend lines are probably the most common form of technical analysis. They are probably one of the most underutilized ones as well.
They are very easy to Draw and Very easy to trade .
Through This method You can make easy money without any Indicator , But definitely Harmonic Patterns Are Far more Important also The Fibbonaci.

How do You draw Trend Lines?

To draw trend lines properly, all you have to do is locate two major tops or bottoms and connect them.
How to draw trend lines in Chart

As you Can see , Its so easy to draw , Also Many trading methods can be used Like , Range bound Trading and Breakout trading etc.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Metatrader terminal 4 (MT4) with custom indicators and Experts with templates Free download

MT4 terminal free download With experts,indicators and templates 

 Indicators Include :

A snap shot of Harmonic Indicator :)
This is Just One indicator Working Fine , And it always DO :)

  1. Auto pivot
  2. Breakout asian session 
  3. MTF moving average
  4. Spud fibo
  5. Super Woodie CCI
  6. WSS indicators
  7. TSR Big trend
  8. TSR signal line
  9. ACD 2,3
  10. DYN all levels
  11. Pivot all lines
  12. TRO dashboard
  13. Zero cross alert (CCI)
  14. JRSX
  15. Better Murray math mm levels
  16. ABL
  17. Advanced ADX
  18. Aroon
  19. Aroon up and Down
  20. Aroon bars
  21. Aroon horn
  22. Aroon oscillator
  23. ASC trend
  24. ASI
  25. ATR levels
  26. ATR mod
  27. ATR stop loss
  28. Auto day fibo
  29. Auto Pivot points
  30. Auto pivot plotter
  31. BB_MACD
  32. Bollinger bands MACD
  33. Bollinger bands %R
  34. Bollinger Squeeze
  35. Brain trend
  36. Brain trend indicators all included
  37. Brain trend stop line
  38. Breakout
  39. Camarilla 
  40. Camarilla DT (Best indicator )
  41. CCI divergence
  42. Chaikin's Volatility_Kalenzo
  43. Channel ZZ
  44. CK_Speed
  45. Clock
  46. CMF correct
  47. Cowabunga
  48. CZigZag
  49. Cynthia's_Triangle_Breakout
  50. DayImpulse2DD
  51. DayImpulseOverlay
  52. DeMark Trendline Trader
  53. Divergence_MACD_FX5_V1.1
  54. Divergence MACD
  55. Donchian Channels
  56. Donchian
  57. DoubleCCI-With_EMA
  58. DoublecciWoody
  59. Dserg-LinRegressionBreakout_v1.1
  60. DT_ZZ
  61. EJ_CandleTime
  62. Elemental Trader v1.5
  63. Elemental Trader v1.6
  64. Elemental_mq4
  65. Elliott Wave Oscillator
  66. EMA Crossover Signal
  68. e-Regr
  69. FerruFx_Multi_info THV
  70. FerruFx_Multi_info
  71. FF Tunnel Chart
  72. FFCal
  73. Fibo Extensions
  74. Fibos_v5
  75. FX ElliotWave
  76. FX Snipers Ergodic CCI Trigger EA v2
  77. FX_Sniper's_Ergodic_CCI_Trigger_(SRDC)
  78. FX5 Divergence v3
  79. FX5_FiboSpiral_v1.0
  80. Gann HiLo activator bars
  81. Gann Hi-lo Activator SSL
  82. Gartley Reversal Auto
  83. Gartley
  84. GMACD
  85. goldminer2
  86. HamaSystem
  87. Harmonic 0_Harmony_06
  88. Harmonic web
  89. Harmonic ZUP_v20
  90. Harmonic Pattern Trader
  91. Heiken Ashi
  92. Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed
  93. HeikenAshi_DM
  94. i-CAi
  95. ind_RSIColored_v1
  96. Ind-GG01
  97. Ind-Murrey_Math_MT4_VG-1
  98.  InstaForex_MT_Desk
  99.  iPanel_Indicators
  100.  i-ParamonWorkTime
  101.  i-Regr
  102.  Keltner Channels
  103.  Keltner_Band_MAHiLo
  104.  Kuskus_Starlight
  105.  London BreakoutV9.1
  106.  London BreakoutV9.2
  107. MA rsi
  108. MACD_Divergence_V1.1
  109. MACD-LSMA
  110. McGinley Dynamic Indicator
  111. Mint signal 2
  112. MMLevls_VG
  113. Murrey_Math_Lines
  114. OsMA
  115. Parabolic Sub
  116. Parabolic
  117. Pattern Recognition (Best )
  118. Pattern_Recognition_Master_v3
  119. PipTurbo_V1.0~
  120. Pivot-Calculator
  121. PPO
  122. Price Channel
  123. RainGull Spectrum
  124. PriceChannel_Stoploss_v1.2
  125. RenkoLiveChart_v2.1
  126. reversals
  128. rsi chart bars
  129. SDX All indicators included
  130. SnakeBorders
  131. SnakeForce
  132. Sniper_Trend_B
  133. Sonic CCI
  134. Spread
  135. stochRSI ( Stochastic RSI)
  136. Support and Resistance (Barry)
  137. SynergyInd
  138. TA_1.14b
  139. TanganJiwa
  140. THV4 InfoPanel
  141. time to next bar (Very useful for Scalping)
  142. Traders_Dynamic_Index
  143. TraderWawasan Bands
  144. TraderWawasan All Indicators
  145. Trix
  146. TRO_Multi_Meter_Control
  147. TRO_Tunnel_dragon
  148. VHF_v1
  149. Waddah Attar Monthly Fibo
  150. Waddah Attar Weekly Fibo
  151. WcciPaterns (Very Good indicator)
  152. WolfeWave 1
  153. WolfeWave 2
  154. WolfeWave 3
  155. X-MM-Math
  156. WSS95-BARS
  157. XprofuterOverlay
  158. ZigZag_Fibo_v1beta
  159. ZigZag_new_nen3
  160. ZUP_RSI_v48 ( RSI Harmonic patterns indicator)
  161. ZUP_v60 (Harmonic patterns Indicator)
  162. ZUP_v64 (Harmonic pattern Indicator)
  163. zwuk MA
  164. ZZ-Fractal A

Expert Advisors EA (Robots) Include :(Download)

  1. 5034_alert
  2. 5034_trade_v1(CCI Best system)(Robot)
  3. ADX Crossing EA
  4. ADX Simple
  5. ADX_System
  6. Alpha9v1.19
  7. Always in play
  8. ArtificialIntelligence
  9.  ASC-Trend-signal
  10.  ATR Mod
  11.  ATR_TREND
  14.  Breakout Expert
  15.  Breakout Genius v03b
  16. Candle Stick Pattern Auto Trader v1.00
  17. CCI Cross Grid
  18. channel_scalp_V2
  19. CyberiaTrader
  20. Dragonpip_V4_extreme_universal 
  21. Daily Scalp
  22. DigFiltr
  23.  DoubleUp2
  24. DivergenceTrader_v06
  25.  Dragonpips Hyper Trade
  26. DragonPips Ultimate_v.2.02
  27. Dragonpips_Final_Educated_v.2010
  28. dragonpips2010_final_EXTREME v3
  29. e-3stoch_299
  30.  e-BrainTrend
  31. Elliott Wave Trend
  32. elemental_EA
  33. Elliott Wave Trend
  34. EMACross
  35. e-man123_203
  36.  e-Regr
  37. Expert+10
  38. FapTurbo52
  39. FapTurbo
  40. FFCal
  41. FidgetExp
  42.  Firebird v065tf
  43. FOREX Combo System 1.46
  44. ForexDerivative Ori
  45. Fractals_Z
  46.  FX Snipers Ergodic CCI Trigger EA v2
  47.  FXCM_2MA_Crossover&ADX
  48.  FXCM_ATR_Trending_System
  49.  FXCM_Bollinger_Trending_System&ADX
  50.  FXCM_ParabolicSAR&ADX
  51.  FXCM_ParabolicSAR_Gator
  52.  FXCM_RSI_Crossover&ADX
  53.  FXCM_RSI_Oscillator
  54.  FXPROMAKER v2
  55.  FXPROMaker_Advanced_all_pairs_demo_20.12
  56.  FXPROMaker_Advanced_eur_gbp_scalping_demo_20.12
  57.  FXPROMaker_Advanced_usd_jpy_aggressive_demo_20.12
  58.  FXPROMaker_Advanced_usd_jpy_default_demo_20.12
  59.  GaoXing Daily Breakout v1.4
  60.  gaps (works good on 4 Hour chart)
  62.  gbp_1m Scalper (My personal)
  63. GBP_5min Scalper
  65.  GBP_JPY_Scalp_v2 (My personal Good one)
  66.  GBPJPY EA scalper (Good one)
  67. GEPARD 2.3 EA
  68.  GEPARD2.5 EA
  69.  GEPARD3.1 EA
  70. Godbot
  71.  GoodG@bi
  72.  Graal-FxProg_team
  73.  Graal-FxProg_team
  74.  GroodgeEA_v1.16
  75.  GroodgeEA_v1[1].13
  76.  Hans123MV1.2 (HANS Trader EA)
  77. Hans123MV1[1].1
  78.  Hans123Trader_v4
  79.  HarmonicExpert_v1 9Harmonic pattern Expert)
  80. Ichimoku EA
  81.  Ichimoku_scalp_1m
  82.  Ichimoku_scalp_v2
  83.  ichimoku_trading_strategy_1
  84.  Ichimoku5
  85.  iliaaz_EA
  86.  InputResizerEA
  87.  james_bond-1_289
  88.  GBP_JPY scalper (JPY_GBP)
  89. GBP JPY Scalper 2 (JPY_GBP_2)
  90. Keltner Channels
  91.  KI EA v1.0.2
  92.  LiveAlligator 101
  93.  LiveAlligator 101a
  94.  LSMA_Daily
  95.  MACD_signal.mq4
  96.  MagicEA_Demo
  97.  MDPro_v101ee_bbr_v11_N1
  98. MagicEA_Demo(2)
  99.  MDPro_v101ee_bbr_v11_N1
  100.  MegaDroid
  101.  MegaDroid_v121_nodll
  102.  MMR
  103.  Momentum Grid
  104.  momentum_scalp_v1
  105.  moneymaker v2 EA
  106.  Moving average_scalp
  107.  moving average_scalp_v2
  108.  MovingAverage_scalping
  109.  MRN Bot
  110.  MT4-FST Expert
  111.  nemox_881
  112.  nemox-0001_133
  113.  One_in_Day1
  114.  Opto123 EA v1.1
  115.  osma_5min
  116.  Phoenix_EA_v5_6_03
  117.  Pips_Miner_EE
  118.  PipSpool~
  119.  PipTurbo_V1.0~
  120.  Pivots_Daily
  121.  Pivots_Daily_Medians
  122.  RainGull Spectrum
  123. Renko Trader V-5
  124.  Robot_Forex_2015_Profesional_Real
  125. Robot Forex 2015 Profesional Demo
  126. RSI EXpert
  127. RSI Grid
  128. Rsi+momentum=5Min
  129. SAR Sample_2
  130. Scalp_1M
  131.  Scalp_net_v1.3.2_tf
  132. Scalp_net_v1.3_tf
  133.  scalpexp03all_ver24_210
  134.  SDX-Tz Breaktout EA
  135.  Session breakout v0.26 EA Download
  136. Sig CCI
  137.  Simple EA ii
  138.  Simple moving average EA
  139.  SMSalert EA (Good)
  140.  Stocheurusd
  141.  StochScalp^^2^^
  142.  SuperForexV2
  143.  The Channel Scalper 1.10
  144.  The Channel Scalper 1.06
  145.  The Channel Scalper 1.13
  146.  The Theory of Cycles
  147.  TheMasterMind3
  148.  TradeChannel
  149.  tradechannel2_638
  150.  TrendMaster EA
  151.  UF_Pivot_Lines
  152.  VolatilyScalp (Volatility Scalper EA)
  153. VS_EURCHF D_01
  154.  VS_EurGbp_F01
  155.  VS_EUROCROSS D_05
  156.  VS_EUROCROSS_D05_NonFFCal
  157.  X-Wave-(21-13-8-1)
  158.  ytg_Level without the loss
  159.  ZeusFX-EURUSD-Master-V1.1
  160.  ZeusFX-GBPUSD-Master-V1.1
  161.  Zmei_trader

Templates Included :

  1. winning-solution-95-expertadvisors
  2. winning-solution-943-actual-trend1
  3. winning-solution-943-actual-trend2
  4. winning-solution-943-actual-trend3
  5. winning-solution-943-backtest
  6. winning-solution-943-expertadvisors
  7. winning-solution-943-pyramidea
  8. winning-solution-943-trend3ea
  9. winning-solution-943-wave
  10. winning-solution-new-943-actual-trend1
  11. winning-solution-new-943-actual-trend2
  12. winning-solution-new-943-backtest
  13. winning-solution-new-943-ea
  14. winning-solution-new-943-news-alert
  15. winning-solution-old-93-actual
  16. winning-solution-old-942-actual
  17. winning-solution-old-942-backtest
  18. 1m_eur_usd_ststem
  19. 1m_eur_usd_system_support-resistence
  20. 2
  21. 2_elemental
  22. 2_small
  23. 2_v2
  24. 5014_
  25. 5034_newtrend
  26. 5034_v2
  27. 5034_v3
  28. background
  29. background_main
  30. background_orignal
  31. best_5min
  32. Bolinger_jpy
  33. breakout trading
  34. breakout_change
  35. breakout_new
  36. daily
  37. dance_d1
  38. dance_m5_h1
  39. dance_m15
  40. elemental
  41. finaltemplate1minute
  42. finaltemplate5minute
  43. Forex Profit System
  44. fx trend tracer
  45. gbp_5min
  46. gepard ea
  47. keltner bb breakout
  48. kosongan
  49. ma_
  50. mdpro_ea
  51. momentum_1
  52. momentum_trading
  53. my wss 9.5-ea
  54. my wss 943 actual trend 1
  55. my wss 943-ea
  56. my wss v9.4.3 fv on GBP M30
  57. range_trading
  58. SharkD1_-_The_Best_Manual_Trade_Way_
  59. sonicr - with fibopivot
  60. sonicr - with spudfibo
  61. ssi Indicator
  62. ssi
  63. ssi EA 
  64. ssi_v2
  65. trendpipper v2
  66. vs_eurchf d_01
  67. william %r
  68. Williams
  69. scalp (Scalping template)
So Thats It , I Hope u will enjoy The indicators Download , Templates and Expert dvisors download

My personal Strategy template and indicators with EA are also included in the Package.

Using this Metatrader terminal 4 You will definitely Learn some New things , And make your equity Higher.

By using sme good Templates and making your own in this package you can Make Thousands of dollars Daily For FREE .
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